The Bunny Buffet
The Bunny Buffet
The Bunny Buffet

The Bunny Buffet

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Bunnies are safer and friendlier when kept inside as part the family, but visible litter trays and hay can make you feel like you're living in a barn!

SETT creates custom upcycled bunny hay feeder furniture to camouflage hay and litter boxes, as well as creating a safe space for buns to munch and hide.

Perfect for:

  • Small apartments
  • Pets who don't always aim inside the litter box
  • Bunny litter training
  • Hay storage
  • Litter mess around the tray
  • Preventing property damage
  • Happier pets and cleaner homes

Customisation options include:

  • Size, colour and style of buffet
  • Hidden wheels for easy cleaning
  • Removable carpet
  • Washable waterproof liner
  • Number and position of entrance points

Bunny Buffets are for use with free roaming bunnies or inside a large pen, and can also be used to hide cat litter boxes.

Use the checkout link and we'll be in touch for a chat and a quote!

Available in ACT and some areas of NSW and VIC.